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Rougle Park is located on the outskirts of Maryborough Vic. We have 11 acres & have a small hobby farm with the dogs, horses, a cat called Sebastian, dams with fish & yabbies & from time to time birds.

Rougle Park is a small establishment that is proud to be the home of the most beautiful breed the Boxers.

We breed dogs for pet home & we enjoy the journey that we have with new families that then become a part of our extended doggie family. We have been lovers of the breed for 20 years & breed for almost as long & have taken many trips down memory lane with the familiest that have got their first from us & then their next and so on.

We origionally started out with one Boxer Bitch Jemma Aka "Rougle". Her excitement for life was so addictive making her a pleasure to be around. Jemma was a very smart level headed bitch & the most loyal dog, best mum & best friend that I have ever come across, we lost Jemma just shy of her 13th birthday & still remember aher as the bouncing baby she was.

From there we were hooked with the breed & wanted nothing more that to better the breed & let other people in on a little glimps of how lucky we are by providing them with there own Boxer.

Our Boxers produce some of the most sweet, kind & sound puppies. We rear them in a loving, happy, warm enviroment, you are then provided with the happiest puppy that wants nothing more than to love, please & honour you 100%. 

Our boxers are brought up with two smaller humans that love helping our with the dogs and assisting with the puppies when they come along.

We hope you enjoy our site & hope that you are as lucky as us to own one of these beautiful breeds.



Please don't forget to sign our guest book & also look for "Rougle Park Boxers & British Bulldogs" on Facebook & join our group, link below. The group have past puppy updates, updates on up & coming matings & other info. 



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Liz & Gary
Maryborough, VIC, Australia
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