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Puppy purchasing guide

Bringing a new puppy in to the home is an exciting time for anyone, a potential new puppy photo just melts your heart. Buyer bewear there are plenty of scammers out there waiting for you!!!

Unfortunitally it is becoming more & more common on the internet to find puppies for sale that just don't exist, some times it is quite clear that it's a scam but other times it's quite hard to pick a dodgy advert.

Below is a few things to look out for & to ask for when purchasing a puppy (both boxer & bulldog), weather it be from us or some one else.

Please if at any time you have any questions or concerns about purchasing a puppy weather it be from us or another breeder please don't hesitate to contact us, another breeder, Dog Victoria or the British Bulldog/ Boxer Vic clubs with your questions before you place that deposit or full payment.


*Are you able to view the puppy before collection?

* Are you able to get several photo's of the puppy?- Scammer usually use stolen photo's off the internet & usually can only get one photo of the same pup. If you ask for more photo's & don't get any in return or get photo's & it looks different to the first this is a good sign that it's a scam.

*Are you able to get in contact by phone if needed? Scammer usually will not provide a phone number or use an excuse like they don't have very good hearing so can't take calls. 

*The puppies should look plump and healthy, with loose pliable skin, clear eyes, loose coat (pull up the skin on the pups back to see if it very loose).  

* All puppies must have been vet checked and received their first vaccination, and not leave their mother for their new home before a minumum of 8 WEEKS of age. A pup that leaves earlier has not had time to fully socialise with its siblings and develop a pack instinct, and may become dog aggressive as it grows.

* The parents of puppies offered for sale should have been heart checked and tested heart murmur free in compliance with the Boxer Association HEART SCREENING PROGRAM (Boxers only).

* When it comes time to collect your puppy you should receive-   

             -DIET SHEET - it is most important for the welfare of your pup that he has the correct diet to help him grow and stay
                                     healthy for life.
             -Advice sheet on how to care for your pup when you get home.... 
             -Correct housing, worming program, training. 
             -Puppy's Pedigree Registration Papers - (Both papers must be signed and dated on the reverse.) 

             -Either Full registration if you are showing and/or breeding, or Limited Registration if you are wanting a pet 
               only (Obedience and Agility dogs only need Limited Registration papers)

              -Boxer and DOGS VICTORIA Membership Application Form

              -Certificate of Inoculation

              -A guarantee of continued service to you and your pup


* Are the puppies are clean, active and friendly?

* Is the price right?? Through research I have found that there are several puppies offer for sale or for free on the internet to the right home. Is it really resionable to think that a breeder that has spent thousands of dollars raising the sire & dam, estableshing there homes, raising the litter to think that they would offer a purebred healthy puppy free or for a 1/4 of the usual asking price for that breed. NO......... These are usually scams where the seller is trying to either make a quick buck on transport that they will organise that you will pay them for or to sell a puppy that doesn't exist for a 1/4 of the price, they don't care how much they make as long as they get something.

For a purebred papered boxer puppy you should expect to pay anywhere in AUST from $3000 to $4500 a puppy depending on registration, pedigree, colouring ect.

* Lastly, if your gut is telling you something's not right it's usually on the money. Trust your instincts!!!



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