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Our Past Dogs

Over the years we have had the pleasure of owning some beautiful dogs not only in looks but also in mind.

Below are photos of some of our past dogs, some of which may be relatives to our current dogs, brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. We loves our lines & love to if the timing is right to hold on to our lines.

We hope you enjoy the photos. 

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"Arbi", beautiful lady, soft & gentle. Arbi produced some beautiful babies & made many families proud owners of her babies.
Arbi was retired & home with a lovely family in 2011 who also owns one of our pups we bred & another mature dog of ours Brandy.
"Cooper", he was our first male BB & we hoped he would have had a long & successful future fathering many babies. He unfortunitally had some "private part" problems lol & was homes as a pet in 2007 as a 10 month old. Photo is of cooper with his new mate.
"China"- China was a puppy that we bred from our foundation bitch & dogs Jemma & Tyson. China has a very sweet persionality & was the spitting image of her mother:)
China was rehomed to a couple in Bendigo about 5 years ago.
"Daisy" She is also from our foundation bitch & dog Jemma & Tyson, she was from there last litter so is China & Mini's full sisters but from different litters:)
Very sweet girl, typical boxer & was a persional fav of mine. Daisy we rehomed interstate a few years back 7 went to a home with another boxer & a lovely new mummy.
"Domino"- We only had Dom for a short time, he is Jazz's dad but Jazz defiantly didn't get his laid back personality. He was so calm & a very cool customer.
Dom was retired in 2011 from stud duties & now enjoys the life of being the only dog in the home & having the run of the place in his new home.
"Ella"- this little lady would of had to have been the boxer with the best persionality ever!!!! So so gentle & caring.
Ella was retired in 2011 for breeding & now lives near Melbourne. Her new owner is a young boy, they now compete at shows in agility comps, dress ups ect & love it!!!
"Gucci"- we sadly lost Gucci to a bee sting a few years back, she swallowed it & died instantly:( Such a sweet soft girl, such a sad time:(
"Jamima"- A funny little character, you would often find her sleeping in the most werid places lol. We bred Jamima out of Narla but unfortunitally she was not able to ever fall in pup:( Mima was rehomed to a lovely older couple in 2011 & spends the days sleeping & playing with the grand kids
"Kaia"- Very much a lady, very elegant & sweet. Kaia is the mother to Lexi (from her first litter) & also Conan & Page (from her last litter). Kaia went to a home in 2010 in Melbourne to a retired couple & often comes to stay here for Holidays while her owners go on there holidays.
"Lilly"- Lilly is Oliver mummy. She has a very quiet persionality that she has passed on to her son & her other puppies.
Lilly was retired in 2010 & went to a lovely new home in Vic where she has a new fur friend & also some two legged siblings to:)
"Matilda"- Sweet Matilda was out of Roxy & Blake. We had hoped to breed with her but found her persionality was just to quiet so was rehomed to a couple in Melbourne with a lab pup.
"Mini"- She was the first puppy we kept from our lines & produced some beautiful babies. She is China's full sister out of Jamma & Tysons first litter:)

"Paris"- Old lazy bones is just that. Very calm & layed back. Paris was retired a few years back & now has gone to a family with kids (one in the pic with her) & also a baby boxer.
"Roxy the bulldog"- Little miss attitude, never let no one push her around lol. She always thought she was the boss of everyone including humans & just to prove it she would try & hump your leg lol.
Roxy was Lilly's half sister.
Roxy was homed in 2012 to a lovely family in Melbourne & is the centre of there lives, she really is the boss now.
Roxy is Delilah's mummy.
"Roxy the boxer"- Roxy was quite a little compact lady but had a large liely persionality, having said that aroud people she was very calm.
Roxy was retired in 2010 & made her new home interstate.
Porsha- the little pocket rocket. Loves to chase the ball, bound & run. I've never had a bulldog that's so energetic. She was a real sweetheart even though she liked to act quite tough. We re homed Porsha is 2013
Jazz is the mother of three of our beautiful dogs, Darcy, Eve & Macey. Jazz was retired in mid 2013 & went to a lovely home with another mature male. Jazz spends most days sleeping by her new mates side.
Brandy is a big beautiful laid back lady, she produced three lovely litters for us & was retired in mid 2013. Brandy now lives with two of our other boxers, one we bred & also another mature dog Arbi which we rehomed in2011. The three get on like a house on fire & keep them family busy giving attention to the three of them.
Beautiful Seth was our main stud dog for years, he through many beautiful bouncing healthy babies. We have Conan, Lexi & Zoe out of him.
Seth had a very chilled personality & although he looked very dominate he was a big softie & never a fighter. He retired in early 2013 from stud duties & now lives out his days with another mature boxer & just sleeps most days away.


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