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From time to time here at Rougle Park we have mature dogs available to approved family homes. These dogs are available for many different resons from Retired from breeding, Dogs we have rescued, Dogs we have bred & purchased back as there owner can no longer care for them ect.

Before our mature dogs go off to there new homes we make sure that they are fully vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped & vet checked. We also make sure that they have the best of temperaments & check this by exposing them to different situations & enviroments eg around other dogs, in the car, bathing, at the vets ect.

Below we have dogs that we currenty have available & also coming up for rehoming, we do keep a contact list for people that my be interested in a dog that we have coming up for rehoming.




Zolah is currently looking for a new home. Her ideal home is one with another dog, preferably a male but a submissive female would work also. We are not looking for a home without another dog.
Zolah is also not keen on small children, they’re too loud and move too fast for her likings, my 9 & 10yo boys are just too loud for her likings when she’s at the house. So a home without children or high school age children. 
She turned 7 , she’s up to date with everything, desexed, chipped ect. 
She will be stand-off ish when she first meets you and because of this we’d like to offer her out on trial to give her a chance to settle without the pressure of a time frame.
She’s not a large boxer & only weights about 19kg full weight, may get a bit heavier now that she’s desexed but she’s a very busy dog that’s constantly on the move. She’s often seen relocating her beds, toys & blankets around the back yard for the best view.
Please feel free to call or email about Zolah, we are just asking her desexing fee for her.
Located Maryborough Vic
[email protected]



Phoebe pictured below is a very sweet boxer that enjoys the company of other dogs and loves her people, she's a mid level energy dog so would do well in a home with either an older dog or a young pup as still happy to play and bounce but does well also with our older dogs too. 
Phoebes new home must have another dog for company, doesn't necessarily have to be a boxer but she enjoys the company of other dogs and this is a non negotiable must. She's fine with both males & females.
Phoebe is great with kids, our kids are primary age and she's great with them.
Phoebe has just turned 6, is up to date with wormed, vacc, vet checks & flea treatment 
Phoebe is available on a trial period.
Phoebe's fee is just her desexing price
Located Maryborough Vic
[email protected]









Feel free to email at [email protected] or call 0407904094  

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PER no RB 101983

Contact Details
Liz & Gary
Maryborough, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0407904094
Email : [email protected]

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