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Past Pups

Welcome to our Past Puppies photo album.
Here is a collection of Boxer & British Bulldog pups that we have bred & have now gone to there loving homes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
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                               *All photo's & contense are property of Rougle park & may not be copied or redistributed in any way.

Tash at 10 months old. Parents are Mini & Mac
Buddha at 10 months old, parents are Narla & Keanu
Sarge, Parents are Seth & Paris
Gabby & Denozo. Denozo's mum & dad are Paris & Seth, Gabby's parents are Daisy & Blake.
Ruby with her best friend, One of Paris & Seth's pups
Ruby & Ruby, from the same litter but are owned by two different famlies often meet up to play. Parents are Paris & Seth
Pebbles, parents are Paris & Seth
Hana- Roxy & Blake puppy
an indi & seth puppy 8 weeks old
Jazz & Blake puppies, one from the first litter & the other from the second litter
Abby from Lilly's last litter
Buddha (Rougle Park Mr Grizzly)
Conan at 10 weeks old. Parents are Arbi & Blake
Angus. Parents Arbi & Blake
Aston- A Molly & Boss puppy
Rosie. Parents Arbi & Blake
Remy. Parents are Seth & Bree
Pippa & Abby at 5 weeks. Parnets Seth & China
Indi & Seth pup
Rougle Park Dare to Dream
Rougle Park French Kiss
Rougle Park Lulu Whispers
Cooper at 8 weeks old. Parents Mini & Mac
Lional, parents are Mini & Mac
Pippa at 4 months old. Her parents are Seth & China
This is Rozie, her mother is Arbi & father is Blake
Sundae, her parents are Arbi & Blake
Above is monty with his new big brother. His father is Seth.
Jamima, Parents Narla & Keanu. She has been retained by Rougle park
Above is MJ
Bella, Parents are Seth & Kaia
Lexi Aka "Rougle Park Luv Ya Lexi", bred & retained by Rougle Park. Parents are Kaia & Seth
"Monk" at 9 weeks old. Parents are Kaia & Seth
"Barry", Parents are Kaia & Seth
Hana & Floyd, both Roxy & Blake's puppies
A Roxy & Blake boy
A Boss & Molly puppy
A Brandy & Blake puppy
A Bree & Seth puppy
Darcy, Jazz & Blake little man at 5 months
Ella & Seth puppy, don't you just love her white mask!!!
Ruby & Rocco, Ella & Seth pups
An Indi & Seth puppy
Tumi, Indi & Seth's pup
Jamima, Narla's puppy
Jazz & Blake puppy from there first litter
Jazz & Blake puppy
Jazz & Blake puppy from there second litter
Kesha from Jazz & Blake first litter
Justice from Jazz & Blake's first litter
Jett from Seth & Paris
"Max" from Blake & Lexi's first litter
A boy from Lilly & Keanu's first litter
Lexi from Lilly's second litter
Male from Lilly's first litter
Bruno from Lilly's first litter
Beautiful Indi is Zoe & Millie's mum. Indi was placed in a lovely boxer home in 2013 after we retired her. She was a lovely dog but her mothering skills left allot to be desired lol:) She spends her days chasing the kids around & sleeping on the couch.
Jazz & Blake's puppy from there second litter
Boof from Lilly's last litter


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