Rougle Park Boxers & British Bulldogs 

British Bulldog Album

Below are some photos that we have taken over the years of our dogs,
dogs we have bred, dogs that belong to our friends that have stayed here.
We hope you enjoy the photos.

                                   *All photo's & contense are property of Rougle park & may not be copied or redistributed in any way.

Lola 12 month old
Boss @ 10 months old
Happy 1st birthday!!
A bit of attitude from Mali
Our beautiful girl Narla's with her visitor Keanu who we looked after for his owner for a few months.
One of Gucci's puppies
Beautiful Narla
Jamima & Porsha playing
Do I look pretty mummy?? Oliver 14 months old
Mali having a rest
Nelson, A past Roxy puppy
Hide & seek with Narla
One of Lilly's & Keanu's pups
A boy from Lilly's past litter
Bruno, one of Lilly's past boys
22 month old Boss
Gucci....RIP passed away from a bee sting in 2009. She was a darling & a great mother. Gucci passed away a day before her first litter turned 8 weeks old.
Keanu Oliver's dad.
A Lilly puppy
Mali at 16 weeks old
Baby Porsha having a nap with her pink blankie
Porsha taking a Nap under Ruperts scratching post
Murphy, a past Roxy puppy relaxing
Baby Lola, Boss' daughter. Lola is a full NZ import puppy
Arnold, a Narla & Keanu puppy
Narla & Porsha
Porsha, Lilly & Indi (visiting for a service) at play
Mali the day befor her puppies arrived
Oliver 12 months old
A Boss & Porsh puppy
Porsh & Boss puppy
Molly Boss' daughter "hiding"
Miss Molly
Mylie & Chloe. Mylie is a Molly (addictabul Molly) & Boss puppy at 1 1/2 years old
Oliver 24 months old
Oliver waiting for tea, he's a bit early though ha ha
Oliver on the move
Oliver son "Mr Beefy", owned by Primmz British Bulldogs
Narla & Keanu (Olivers dad) sleeping soundly
Gucci's pups
Mali, Jamima & Porsha playing
Miss Molly, owned by my mum
Baby Narla
Baby Oliver
Roxy having a play
Roxy puppies
Lola, Boss' daughter
Boss at 4 months old
An important meeting between Jamima, Porsha, Gucci & Lilly
Mylie on the move
Miss Jamima
Buddha, Narla & Keanu's son
Axel, Narla's son & Jamima's brother
Gucci & her two boys
Oliver owned by us & his daddy Keanu owned by wildcherokee at the time
Lilly's pups
Narla's & our first bulldog litter, learning curve of a life time!!
A litter of Boss puppies


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